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Advocating for the safety and welfare of amateur athletes requires persistent and passionate efforts over time – being there every day to help athletes and their parents who are confronting the distress and pain of abuse, sexual harassment, and other coach, peer or adult leader misconduct.

Too often there is no place to go, especially when a club is without an Athlete Welfare Advocate (AWA) to advise or stand up against other adults on behalf of an abused athlete. In addition to helping victims of abuse, Safe4Athletes is pushing national sport governing bodies to have stronger membership requirements for athletic teams and individual members. Even more important is the need for transparency by creating, publishing, and updating public lists of banned coaches so parents and athletes are aware of sexual predators or others who have been guilty of misconduct with athletes.

We would be grateful for your involvement.

We promise to be responsible stewards of every gift made to Safe4Athletes. We promise to use your gift to make a difference and your donation or sponsorship in any amount is greatly appreciated.

Safe4Athletes, Inc Is A Tax Exempt Organization According To The Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3).

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Join us by starting your own fundraising campaign to support our mission of providing a safe and positive environments free of abuse, bullying, and harassment.

Safe4Athletes requires funding for the following:

  • Administrative and program staff in order to perform S4A’s functions.
  • Maintain and host our website.
  • Technology and other office equipment.
  • Speakers at national conventions of sports organizations.
  • General expenses ranging from operating our 800 number to printing materials to urge sports clubs to adopt model policies.

We hope that you will support us and allow us to continue our important work.

Whether it’s a gift to support our non-profit programs, a willingness to share our materials and newsletters with your friends, hosting a fundraiser and educational program in your sports community or home, serving on a committee, or volunteering to work on a project.

Thank You For Your Continued Support. Together We Can
Make A Difference.

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