Podcast Series: “The Athlete Within”

Hosted by Katherine Starr

Everybody has an athlete within themselves.

This podcast series is dedicated to exploring every aspect of our own inner athlete through the lens of former elite athletes of the past and present. Learning about the “athlete voice,” exploring the coach-athlete dynamic, and how that differs and evolves when athletes change coaches, varies between athlete’s own personal traits, and finally, how common issues can continue to plague athletes long after their career has ended.

The podcast will feature guest elite athletes of all shapes and sizes who will speak about how their inner athlete has affected their lives positively or negatively. This topic deserves exploration and we will dive in to explore every crack and crevasse.

Join us … laugh with us, cry with us, heal with us!

Tune in to connect with your own inner-athlete voice.

Latest Episodes of “The Athlete Within” Podcast

Connect With Your Inner-Athlete Voice

Katherine provides value to her community through accountability, empowerment, and sportsmanship. Athletes are empowered to be joyful in sport within safe and positive environments.