Katherine Starr


Katherine Starr

Katherine is a two time Olympian 1984 and 1988 (Great Britain) and the author of the recently released book Rescue Me: A Powerful Memoir by an Olympian. She is dedicated to fostering safe, abuse-free, and positive environments that reinforce integrity in sport.

In 1986, she won two silver medals at the Commonwealth Games. Katherine experienced success at the collegiate level in swimming for the University of Texas, participating on three NCAA championship teams and being named 14-time All-American.

Katherine founded Safe4Athletes in 2011 as a result of living for decades with pain and suffering from the tragic effects of coach-athlete sexual abuse. Safe4Athletes was brought to life to help other athletes who have experienced the same destructive abuse of power in the coach-athlete relationship. Safe4Athletes’ mission is to advocate for athletes that have been abused, bullied or harassed by their more powerful coach or teammate.

After a decade of working with many athletes issues, coaching concerns and expert legal case involvement my experience has lead me to understand the deeper issues plaguing athletes, coaches and administrations. View the body of Katherine's work to learn more about her expertise in athlete abuse and title ix violation on her website.

Katherine has acted as an advocate for athletes involved in coach-athlete sexual abuse, athlete-on-athlete sexual abuse, athlete cyber-bullying, athlete sexual hazing, as well as many forms of athletic abuse in general.

Since speaking out about abuse in sports, Katherine has developed a reputation for her expertise and eloquence on coach-athlete sexual abuse. This is evident by the rapid growth of traditional media and social media attention on the problem of coach-athlete sexual abuse since the inception of Safe4Athletes including features with ESPN (Outside the Lines), NBC Sports Radio, NPR, BBC Radio, NY Times, the Takeaway, CBS Sports Radio, Take Part Five (PIVOT Channel), Aljazeera America as well other nationally recognized media outlets in sports.

Through her work, Katherine educates lawyers/media/NGBs on the unique aspects of the power dynamic that exists in the coach-athlete relationship. Katherine has also written several articles on the topic including “Breaking Down Sexual Abuse in Sports” as well as being a contributing author to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Consensus – Harassment and Sexual Abuse in Sport published in the British Sports Medical Journal.

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