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Summary of Expertise: 

Experience in School and Amateur sport related, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, College Athletics/Sports Injuries. 

See Katherine Starr C.V. for Experience and References

Fee Schedule available upon request


Standard of Care: Review and Development (Policy)

Available in the following areas;

- School or Youth-Serving Organization Sexual Abuse

- College or University Sexual Abuse, Harassment and misconduct.

- Standards of Care: Sexual Harassment in Educational or Youth-Serving Organizations

- Standards of Care: Sexual Abuse in Educational or Youth-Serving Organizations

- Standards of Care: Student and Youth Injuries 

- Standard of Care: Student and Youth emotional and verbal abuse
Consulting Services:

Work with the client to understand the needs of the organization, review current infrastructure and make recommendations to address the issues effectively.  Design programs based on the needs of the clients in adherence with current standard of care requirements.  Educate all involved in the mechanisms and structure of the program for maximum effectiveness and outcome.

Available in the following areas

- Work with Schools, National Governing Bodies (NGB’s) and Athletic Departments to implement comprehensive policies addressing all forms of abuse, bullying and harassment.

- Develop customized programs and policies for collegiate athletic departments. 

- Educated leadership with a comprehensive program addressing sexual abuse, bullying and harassment.

- Consult on national cases involving coach-athlete relationships. 

- Developed sexual abuse, harassment and bullying policies for all types of environment with a predominate focus in sports. 

- Train and/or oversee investigations involving issues of sexual abuse and bullying.

- Mediate issue involved with sexual abuse, bullying in harassment in the workplace or sports programs.

- Train & educate parents, coaches and athletes on such topics as sexual harassment, abuse and bullying for sports, religious and corporate environments.

- Lead group education program with a focus on sexual harassment and bullying for coaches, minors and parents.

- Develop “Code of Conduct” policies for coaches, trainers, doctors and all participants engaged with athletes.

- Develop customized complaint response and monitoring systems for sport and school related environments to reduce abuse, bullying and harassment issues in the sports program or workplace.

- Educate institutions with solutions for addressing abuse, bullying and harassment.

- Customized educational workshops for parents, athletes, coaches and workplace programs for abuse, bullying and harassment. 

All consulting programs are customized to the current issues as well development for foreseeable issue based on the dynamics of the situation and knowledge of the pervasiveness of abuse bullying and harassment concerns in the sports and/or workplace environments. 

Billing rate is in alignment with Expert Witness Fee Schedule.  However all requests will be considered for negotiation based on the scope and time of the of the project.