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Athlete Education Sheet

What Every Athlete Should Know About Personal Safety

Because everyone associated with our club cares about your safety and well-being!

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It is important that an athlete “respect” their coach (teammates, staff and volunteers), but sometimes, they act in ways that can be harmful and hurtful to young athletes.

It is important for every athlete to understand what is unacceptable behavior and when to reach out to an adult to ask for help and guidance.

 Everyone needs to make sure sport is a safe and positive environment free of sexual abuse, bullying and harassment.

What does the AWA do?

When should I contact the AWA?

No Bullying, Emotional or Verbal Abuse Allowed!

No Sexual Abuse! 

No Hazing, Initiation Rituals, or Physical Punishment!

No Romantic or Dating Relationships with Coaches!

Physical Contact!

A coach must always ask for permission prior to any touching of an athlete.  The following situations are generally accepted unless “you” the athlete feels uncomfortable: