Coaches Program

Regardless of “abuse type,” it is most likely to occur over MULTIPLE SEASONS.

The world of sports has been riddled with too many instances of sexual abuse and harassment of young athletes by their powerful and publicly respected coaches, (respected for producing performance results), for many decades, across all sports, regardless of sex.

Why is sexual harassment training important?

The goal of any athletic institution, especially those that work with children, is to minimize risk. Coaches that are educated on the signs of sexual harassment, learn from situation examples, and understand the harm that can be brought to a team and its athletes are more aware of their actions which reduces the chances of sexual harassment complaints. Safe4Athletes' Coaches Program is a virtual, one-day class via Zoom that provides sexual harassment education with the goal of reducing the chance of larger problems occurring. When problems do occur, the policies and procedures are in place to handle the harassment case with ease. Safe4Athletes recommends mandatory, anti-harassment training on an annual basis to ensure consistency across the staff and protect all coaches, athletes, and employees that are within the athletic program.

Cost Per Team: $1,500



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