What Is Athlete Integrity?

We often hear the words dedication, determination, focus, drive, and other words that describe what makes an athlete great.

The good news is that we all have these character traits within us. It is our ability to access them that is sometimes clouded by our thoughts, feelings, and other influences that get in the way.

Safe4Athletes empowers athletes to “win from within” and is designed to train them on how to access the “inside drive” that they all have to meet their highest ideals for themselves in all aspects of life.

When we put too much emphasis on the coach, we lose access to the internal source that makes the athlete what they are meant to be. An athlete’s goals must be their own, driven from their own truth. Often, they can choose a goal or path that is influenced by peers, parents, and coaches that doesn’t match what they know to be true on the inside.

All of our programs are developed with Athlete Integrity at the core so we can teach athletes how to know what their genuine athletic goals are and give them the confidence to pursue them.

The Current Climate

Why is Athlete Integrity Important?

When we talk about athlete abuse, the situation starts with grooming, which is actually the event that happened prior to an athlete being abused. As the grooming progresses, the athlete is infused with thoughts and concerns that are usually discounted and dismissed. The athlete is trained to suppress those thoughts to overcome their athletic challenge, leaving the athlete vulnerable to the power of the coach-athlete dynamic and the pressure to perform in sport. The athlete loses their voice out of fear of being wrong, misunderstood or fully comprehending the dynamics that are developing with their coach. This, combined with not having a structure or method to understand the thoughts that are driving them into submission, leaves an athlete without a voice.

The S4A Solution

Safe4Athletes (S4A) protects the experience of the athlete FIRST by giving them the tools to be the best version of themselves through their VOICE.

When an athlete leads with clarity of their thoughts, it gives them a stronger voice. This leads to the best version of themselves both internally and externally, in combination with their coach, parents, and teammates therefore opening a path to integrity in self and sport.

It takes all of us to change the culture; the coach, team, athlete and parent are all accountable. The S4A Team Program inserts an Athlete Welfare Advocate (AWA) into the athletic system to ensure accountability and instill honesty, advocacy, sportsmanship, transparency, and humility at the club level.

To learn how to develop athlete integrity on an individual basis, we provide workshops and services to develop these skills, and communication tools to enable athletes to find their voice and become an athlete with integrity.