About us

A non-profit dedicated
to athlete abuse prevention and amateur athlete protection. #AthleteIntegrity


Percent of Athletes and Parents
Identify “Abuse”


Years of Commitment
of Ending Abuse
in Sport

Abuse is an existing dynamic in sport. Safe4Athletes institutes locally-based policies, within a non-bias structure, with an Athlete Welfare Advocate (AWA) at the core. Our programs cultivate abuse-free environments inclusive of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. We provide value to our community through accountability, empowerment, and sportsmanship where athletes are empowered to be joyful in sport, by fostering safe and positive environments.


For over 9 years
we have infused integrity into the athletic system.

Our programs reinforce integrity by curating checks, balances, and accountability from the inside out between the coach, team, athlete, and parent.


An instructional leader that acts as a trainer, mentor, and/or influencer of the athlete.


The entire athletic system that includes the owners, leadership team, coaches, athletes, and parents.


Recreational and competitive athletes that are not being compensated to perform.


The decision-maker that kick-starts the child/athlete's involvement in sports.