Safe4Athletes Survey Results

Safe4Athletes Survey Results


Safe4Athletes developed an online survey to indentify current and former athletes and to learn about the type of harassment that may have been experienced over the course of their career. The survey allows for both  the athlete and a parent of athlete to respond.

Aims: To determine if there were any trends across sport, gender and competition level, that identify abuse levels for emotional, verbal, physical and sexual abuse.

Methods: The survey was distributed in phases;  the first phase was directed towards personal contacts, via Facebook ( friends and large number of Olympians from around the world), and private communication with contacts that have come to Safe4athletes with experience of abuse in some form in sports.  The second phase included a more public distribution with websites like Huffington Post, Momsteam,  (a focused parent/athlete audience) and the Safe4athletes website.


Results: 155 participants – 103 Athletes – 52 Athlete/Parent;  Athletes 91 Female and 12 Male. 


Of the 91 Female (64.8% at National Level or above) – Verbal abuse - 49.4%, Emotional abuse – 62.6% - Physical Abuse – 15.3, Sexual Abuse – 27.47.

Of the 12 Male Athletes (75 % at National Level or above) – Verbal abuse – 41.6%, Emotional Abuse – 41.6%, Physical Abuse 8.3%, Sexual Abuse – 8.3%

Female Athletes identified Abuse of all kinds never happened at 19.4%

Male Athletes identified Abuse of all kinds never happened at 66 %

Athlete/Parent identified Abuse of All Kinds at a rate 81.1%


$1-       Coaches have regular harassment and sensitivity training

$1-       Policies and Procedures for all sports clubs

$1-       An Athlete Welfare Advocate for every sports team that acts on behalf of the athlete

$1-       All reports are investigated

$1-       Athlete education on what is abuse and how to get help

$1-       Join Safe4athletes 

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Every athlete deserves a safe and positive sports environment. SPEAK UP if the way you are being treated feels wrong. 
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