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The Victory Program at McCallum Place is a program designed for competitive male and female athletes that provides treatment to help athletes overcome their eating disorders while significantly improving physical and psychological health for maximum performance and emotional wellbeing. The program is the result of a collaboration between Kimberli McCallum, MD, FAPA, CEDS, a nationally recognized expert in treating eating disorders, and Ron Thompson, PhD, FAED, and Roberta Sherman, PhD, FAED, both pioneers in the field of treating athletes with eating disorders who have advised both the NCAA and the Medical Commission of the International Olympic Committee on these issues.  The Victory Program is the first treatment center in the country crafted specifically to treat high-level adolescent and adult athletes who struggle with disordered eating.  Victory staff are caring and experienced experts in the field of eating disorders and sport, who understand not only the special treatment needs of this population, but also understand and appreciate the importance of sport in the life of a serious athlete.

Sport performance is of paramount importance to serious athletes.  For that reason, the athlete‚Äôs performance is not avoided or forgotten while in our care; rather, it is interwoven into eating disorder treatment.  An athlete does not need to choose between sport and recovery.


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