Confronting Sexual Abuse and Harassment by Sport Coaches: A Need for a National Effort

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The world of sports has been riddled with sexual abuse and harassment of young athletes by their powerful and publicly respected coaches (respected for producing performance results) for many decades, across all sports, regardless of sex. While there is no consistently collected data on the prevalence of these transgressions, there is reason to believe that news reports and limited data from national sport governing bodies represent the proverbial “tip of the iceberg”. 

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Our Mission: Advocate for athlete welfare where every athlete is provided a safe and positive environment free of abuse, bullying and harassment.
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March 10th, 2014 - New York City - Fundraiser Dinner

Nocello - 7-10pm 


Safe4Athlete is having a Fundraiser/Dinner in New York City at Nocello,  Fine Italian Cuisine. 

Join us for a night of some good food and good company, while learning about the mission of Safe4Athletes and how you can help give a voice to Athletes everywhere.  

Safe4Athletes mission is to provide a safe and positive environment for every athlete, free of abuse, bullying and harassment.  We need your support in giving every athlete a voice.  Often Athletes will sit in silence rather than sacrifice their career.  Safe4Athletes has a program that addresses the coach/athlete power dynamic. We need help spreading our free program and resources to those that needed it.  

Our program is growing and we need help supporting the demand to make sports safe4athletes across the country.  We have seen success with the Safe4Athletes program with programs that have taken a leadership role addressing abuse in sports. We need aid and support from others to breakdown the coach/athlete power dynamic through implementing the Safe4Athletes in sports programs everywhere. We have seen success at every level of sports, whether it be collegiate, open amateur sports clubs and high school sports.  

While the resources for every sports program are free from the Safe4Athletes website, we offer assistance with issues and help victims with obtaining resources, such as therapists and legal assistance.  All funds go towards making sports Safe4Athletes.   

Come join us for a night of Food, Fun and Friends (New and Old)

Where: Nocello 

Address: 257 W. 55th st, New York, NY 10019

When: March 10th, 2014

Time: 7-10pm

Dress Code: Business Casual

Menu: A three course meal followed by a selection of Italian desserts and coffee.  

Donation $125 includes tax and tip (alcohol not included)

or JOIN US on the VIP table $250 per person and get a chance to speak with the Founder.  All Corporate Donations will be recognized and displayed at the Event.  Contact us about Corporate Sponsorship at 1-855.723.3422 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

New York City Fundraiser
 If you can't make this fundraiser but would like to give a donation please click here. or check to see if there is a fundraiser coming to a town near you. 

 Thank you for helping make sports Safe4Athletes


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  • Safe4Athletes Survey Results
    Written by Katherine Starr

    Safe4Athletes Survey Results


    Safe4Athletes developed an online survey to indentify current and former athletes and to learn about the type of harassment that may have been experienced over the course of their career. The survey allows for both  the athlete and a parent of athlete to respond.

    Aims: To determine if there were any trends across sport, gender and competition level, that identify abuse levels for emotional, verbal, physical and sexual abuse.

    Methods: The survey was distributed in phases;  the first phase was directed towards personal contacts, via Facebook ( friends and large number of Olympians from around the world), and private communication with contacts that have come to Safe4athletes with experience of abuse in some form in sports.  The second phase included a more public distribution with websites like Huffington Post, Momsteam,  (a focused parent/athlete audience) and the Safe4athletes website.


    Results: 155 participants – 103 Athletes – 52 Athlete/Parent;  Athletes 91 Female and 12 Male. 

    Written on Friday, 10 July 2015 00:00
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Every athlete deserves a safe and positive sports environment. SPEAK UP if the way you are being treated feels wrong. 
If you need advice in sorting through a situation or concern. SAFE4ATHLETES is here to help.

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